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In 2006, I completed my PhD dissertation titled “Examining the Open Movement: Possibilities & Implications for Education“. The study focused on the development of the open movement amongst educators. More specifically, it described the practice of teachers who were influenced by the ideals of the Open Source Software movement and the progression towards other forms of openness (e.g., open content, open access). When I completed and defended my work, it was an obvious choice to publish the dissertation under a copyleft license such as the Creative Commons NC/ATT/SA license. I uploaded my work to Scribd, and as of November 2009, it has had over 28,000 views.

On page 175 of the document, I included a simple diagram titled “The Networked Teacher”. It was produced to support my discovery of emerging teacher networks supported by the advancement of social software. Of any idea in the dissertation, this particular theory and diagram may have had the greatest appeal, especially to those who were experiencing this phenomenon. The diagram has been reused, remixed, redistributed and used in hundreds of presentations by educators around the world. Below, I have included the evolution of a simple diagram as evidenced by several linguistic translations and a video inspired by the concept.

Networked Teacher Diagram - Update

Remixed – English: Silvia Tolisano

Remixed – German: Silvia Tolisano

Remixed – Spanish: Silvia Tolisano

Remixed – Greek: Stylianos Mystikidas

Remixed – Portugese: Veja Magazine
Networked Teacher - Portugese

Remixed – South African: Michael Paskevicius
Networked Teacher - South African

Remixed – Networked Student (Video): Wendy Drexler

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