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As a proponent and participant of informal learning networks, it is clear that my professional and academic influence extends well beyond the boundaries of the courses I teach or the papers I publish. I ‘teach & learn’ with members of my personal learning network daily, yet it is difficult to measure these activities through any traditional measurement.

To provide some insight into the range of my personal & professional influence, Dr. John Becker of Virginia Commonwealth University, a networked colleague of mine, posted several survey questions on his blog on November 25, 2009. The questions were based around the query, “What have you learned with/from Dr. Alec Couros“. Less than three days later, there were over 50 responses from individuals around the world. These data was given to me by Dr. Becker, and are provided here verbatim in the document below. I believe the data here demonstrates the great range of influence that is possible when an academic engages in open/networked learning activities.

Informal Learning Survey – Nov. 25-28, 2009

Dr. Becker also performed analysis of these data and addressed an ‘unsolicited letter of support’ to the Dean of Education, Dr. James McNinch. This letter is provided below.

Recommendation – Dr. Jon Becker

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